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Kerala Lottery Results

Win Win Lottery Results, Dhanasree Lottery Results, Akshaya Lottery Results, Karunya Plus Lottery Results, Bhagyanidhi Lottery Results, Karunya Lottery Results, Pournami Lottery Results. Pooja Bumper Lottery Results, X'mas New Year Bumper Lottery Results, Vishu Bumper Lottery Results, Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery Results, Monsoon Bumper Lottery Results, Summer Bumper Lottery Results.

Kerala lotteries department now conducting 7 Weekly Lotteries. Win Win Lottery on Monday, Dhanasree Lottery on Tuesday, Akshaya Lottery on Wednesday, Karunya Plus Lottery on Thursday, Bhagyanidhi Lottery on Friday, Karunya Lottery on Saturday, Pournami Lottery on Sunday. Kerala lottery draw is being conducted every day at 2.30 pm. Every day we will publish the latest Kerala lottery result here at 3:30 PM. Subscribe for Daily Kerala Lottery Draw Results in Your Email. You can subscribe for Email alerts here: Kerala State Lottery Result Email Notifications.

Latest Kerala State Lottery Results Online

Latest Kerala State Lottery Results of Last 30 Draws

  1. Result of BHAGYANIDHI Lottery bn-247th Draw held on 22-07-2016.
  2. Result of Karunya Plus Lottery KN-119th Draw held on 21-07-2016.
  3. Result of Monsoon Bumper 2016 Lottery BR-50th Draw held on 20-7-2016.
  4. Result of AKSHAYA Lottery AK-251th Draw held on 20-7-2016.
  5. Result of STHREE SAKTHI Lottery SS-12th Draw held on 19-07-2016.
  6. Result of WIN WIN Lottery W-369th Draw held on 18-07-2016.
  7. Result of POURNAMI Lottery RN-246th Draw held on 17-07-2016.
  8. Result of KARUNYA Lottery KR-250th Draw held on 16-07-2016.
  9. Result of BHAGYANIDHI Lottery BN-246th Draw held on 15-07-2016.
  10. Result of KARUNYA PLUS Lottery KN-118th Draw held on 14-07-2016.
  11. Result of AKSHAYA Lottery AK-250th Draw held on 13-7-2016.
  12. Result of STHREE SAKTHI Lottery SS-11th Draw held on 12-7-2016.
  13. Result of WIN WIN Lottery W-368th Draw held on 11-7-2016.
  14. Result of Pournami Lottery RN-245th Draw held on 10-7-2016.
  15. Result of Karunya Lottery KR-249th Draw held on 9-7-2016.
  16. Result of Bhagyanidhi Lottery BN-245th Draw held on 8-7-2016.
  17. Result of Karunya Plus Lottery KN-117th Draw held on 7-7-2016.
  18. Result of Akshaya Lottery AK-249th Draw held on 6-7-2016.
  19. Result of Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-10th Draw held on 5-7-2016.
  20. Result of Winwin Lottery W-367th Draw held on 4-7-2016.
  21. Result of Pournami Lottery RN-244th Draw held on 3-7-2016.
  22. Result of Karunya Lottery KR-248th Draw held on 2-7-2016.
  23. Result of Bhagyanidhi Lottery BN-244th Draw held on 1-7-2016.
  24. Result of Karunya Plus Lottery KN-116th Draw held on 30-6-2016.
  25. Result of Akshaya Lottery AK-248th Draw held on 29-6-2016.
  26. Result of Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-9th Draw held on 28-6-2016.
  27. Result of Winwin Lottery W-366th Draw held on 27-6-2016.
  28. Result of Pournami Lottery RN-243rd Draw held on 26-6-2016.
  29. Result of Karunya Lottery KR-247th Draw held on 25-6-2016.
  30. Result of Bhagyanidhi Lottery BN-243rd Draw held on 24-6-2016.